J2A Greece Pilgrimage 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sailing the Aegean Sea

Last night the ferry arrived at Patmos at around two in the morning, and needless to say we were all very tired. The ferry ride, at least for me, was fairly boring. Tait and I attempted to play the Odyssey definitions game and afterwards pretty much sat around doing nothing. It was a relief to get to our hotel finally, until we realized that our air conditioner didn't work. At four in the morning a confused rooster started crowing and our wake up call came a couple hours too early. Despite the night, the hotel is quite pretty. There is big court yard with a Cedar tree planted in the middle of a fountain and the hotel itself is covered in vines that have bright purple flowers all over them.

Today we mostly were at our own leisure. Many people went swimming and I went with Tait, Alexander, Courtney and Kathy to look around the town for a while. There were a lot of souvenir stores that I got tired of looking in. Despite the late night everybody seems pretty awake today. After our leisure time we all went to a restaurant for lunch, which was pretty good.

Though everyone's a bit tired, they seem to be having a great time. I'm looking forward to going to the monastery tomorrow. The trip seems to be going by very quickly, though it feels like we've been here for a while.

Alex Stroud


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been wonderful to be able to follow your trip throught the All Saints blog. Greece is even more beautiful than I realized! We are thinking about you a lot and hope that you are enjoying your trip and getting some sleep somewhere along the way! It looks like it has been hotter there than in Atlanta, so I'm sure that the water was very refreshing. Thank you for sending your comments and the pictures. I look forward to seeing the new entries every day. Can't wait to see you all again next week!
Katrina Newton

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Joanna Stroud said...

All - Everyday I pray the daily prayer of the prayer cycle, and read your itinerary and Paul notes to try to imagine all you are doing and seeing! Then to click into the blog is delightful to read your thoughts and observations and smile at the great pictures! Keep them coming! Wow! It's a fast and furious trip but amazing. Soak up all you can to share with us when you return. You are on a multi fold journey to cherish with great
leaders. Can't wait to read more tomorrow!

Joanna Stroud


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