J2A Greece Pilgrimage 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

"Knock Knock.....Answer It"

A very tired group of pilgrims arrived at breakfast this morning. After a good traditional Greek breakfast we had quiet reflection time. We sat outside with Phil Cousineau under the hot Greek sun and had a spiritual inspirational talk about answering the knock on the door. The knock on the door to wake up with your spirituality. We talked about the Book of Revelation and how St. John wrote with such powerful imagery--a wonderful work of art. Phil talked about how much of the imagery in Revelation is like a riddle. Then he asked us a couple of ancient riddles. Jack and Cameron solved the riddles and won one of his books. The riddle's answers were dream and time which connected to waking up to become more faithful in your spirituality.

The rest of the day we had free time and a lot of us spent quiet time to think about all the deep questions asked relating to our life. We went to the pool and the beach and had time to walk around and shop. It was a nice day to relax and contemplate our life and why we had chosen to come on this pilgrimage to Greece. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience here to learn about Paul and John and walk where they walked and think where they thought. It is a moving feeling and it makes you feel important. We are all having a great time bonding with each other. Greece is so beautiful and this is an amazing trip.

Eleanor Woodward


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